Friday, January 28, 2011

10 Priciest Small Towns

Sales stall in richest small towns (© Bloomberg Businessweek)

"Working with the website, identified the 50 most expensive small towns — populations less than 10,000 — nationwide where median home values are the highest. We evaluated data on 4,624 cities and census-designated places from November 2010, the most recent available. Some expensive communities, such as Bel Air, Calif., were not included as they are neighborhoods rather than cities or census-designated places. Of the 50 most expensive places — many of which are second-home markets — nearly half are in Long Island's Nassau and Suffolk counties and about one-quarter are in California. None of the towns in the ranking had a median home value of less than $1 million."

10 priciest small towns 2011 (© Getty Images)