Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Inspector Gadget...

Great Article on Madison Home Inspection's Website

Ask the inspector to email you a copy of the inspection agreement.  You will be asked to sign this contract prior to the inspection.  Ask the inspector how long they spend on a typical inspection.  In my opinion anything less than 2 hours for a single family home or townhouse is inadequate.  I routinely spend 3 ½ to 4 hours or more if needed on a single family home depending on size, age, complexity, and of course condition.  If I am allowed the time to do a proper job, the chance of missing something critical is greatly reduced.  Remember nobody is perfect so nobody is going to find every single detail.  But a good inspection should identify all important defects.  Also remember that the purpose of a home inspection is to convey a sense of the general condition of a property, not every single detail.  
Ask what type of report is prepared.  Straight check lists are largely worthless to the home buyer.  There should be a written component to a home inspection report.  

Scott Madison, Madison Home Inspection Service LLC
Rockville, MD