Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Random Tip #9763

My colleague has been using Google Alerts for a long time to get company related news from around the web.  This neat little utility checks the web for any new articles that Google finds on search term she provides.  For example, she can put in a search term for Money Ning, and Google Alerts will send her an email everyday whenever someone mentions Money Ning.
A couple days ago, she started noticing that Google Alerts finds all the blogs and websites blog about coupons or deals and sends her the information as long as it matches the search terms that she puts in.  After checking out the link that she found which contained the coupon, I believe she’s struck gold because this would mean that instead of always looking for a coupon from a certain company, we can just setup Google Alerts to track that company and wait for them to Google to find a coupon.
By having the coupons pushed to me instead of me needing to go find it, I foresee myself being able to take advantage of coupons much more effectively! With gas prices so high (I actually filled up at a gas station that sells gas at $5.079 a gallon), I sure can appreciate as much savings as I can find!
What I plan to do is setup a Google Alert on a few search terms and report back in a week to see if I get any coupons or deals as well as thoughts on using the service!  I suggest you try this too and we can compare notes!