Sunday, May 22, 2011


Skinny House In NYC Greenwich Village

This crib is selling for $4,343 per square foot!!!
The narrowest house in the city, once home to Cary Grant and a modern tourist attraction in its own right, has gone on sale for a whopping $4.3million – double what it sold for just one year ago. The hefty price increase is down to the renovations at number 75 1/2 Bedford St – though at just 9.5ft wide and 30ft deep, it’s hard to envision what sort of renovations could have justified such a cost.
But the broker claims The Millay House has been ‘meticulously restored’ – and its colourful history and position firmly on the city’s tourist trail will help. Along with Grant, the property has been home to actor John Barrymore, poet Edna St Vincent Millay and cartoonist William Steig – none of whom, clearly, ever suffered from claustrophobia.
Skinny House In NYC Greenwich Village